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Manage and Merge your product's Content Based on Work Items instead of Changesets
About Wimbi
Better target your applications to customer needs through efficient customization. Wimbi creates new versions by integrating features instead of merging files. Wimbi enables merging entire Work Items without requiring to individually collecting all the Changesets related to these Work Items.
  • Save configuration management and developers time by merging completed Work Items instead of merging Changesets selectively between development branches
  • One click to merge your logical entities (Work Items) using a visual wizard with an overall view
  • Pass (Merge) a single or an entire hierarchical Work Item structure between branches
  • Comprehensive Reports - Tracking passed Work Items using simple Work Item Query Language (WIQL) queries
  • No more lost contents - all Changesets associated with Work Items are tracked and packaged together
  • Work Items can be merged between non related branches (Baseless Merge)
  • The Wimbi is a part of a Visual Studio environment - no external tools are required
  • Merged content can be validated against the Private Build to ensure merged content does not fail the build
  • The utility is fully customized to ensure an easy and successful implementation
  • Automatic, easy and flexible configuration management

NOTE: This release of Wimbi is a Beta - Go-Live Version; we are expecting to get more feedbacks from our Beta sites users before the final Release announcement.